Please print this page, fill out, and bring to your first appointment

Jennifer A. Walz, L.Ac. has created a practice in which one patient is seen at a time to maximize the healing potential of each session. The hour or two hours is reserved specifically for you. In order to maintain that quality of service, enforcement of a cancellation policy is necessary.

Cancellation of an appointment without 24 hour notice will result in a $50.00 cancellation fee which will be due before your next visit. 

Cancellations MUST be done by calling  214-327-0001.

Sending an email, text message or facebook message are not acceptable methods of cancellation.

Everyone experiences emergencies at one time or another and one grace session is allowed; if you call and let me know you have encountered a situation beyond your control such as a sudden illness or death in the family, you will be excused from your appointment. If there are three no-shows within any one year period, you will be referred to another practitioner. Thanks for your understanding.

By signing below, you acknowledge receipt of and compliance with this policy.


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